• Bio-Chemical Sequencing
    Plants have a defined sequence of nutrient uptake steps to feed more
  • Antagonistic Action
    Most nutrient products are diluted in water containing chemicals more
  • Amino AcidsCompounds that build proteins should be organic substance more
  • Aptus Plant TechWe offer the best 100% organic nutrients for high yield plants more
  • Aptus Product LineEach stage in plant development requires appropriate nutrition more

Why not prevent problems naturally?

Ever considered taking a whole new approach to organic growing?

If you're here looking for fertilizers or pesticides, unfortunately, you've come to the wrong place. We sell plant food, not chemicals! Buying large, liquid nutrient containers? Then you're feeding your plants mass-produced, synthetic chemicals diluted in a lot of water.

When you buy 100% active ingredients, you save more money during the cycles of harvests, not on your first purchase. Aptus nutrients monitor plant development from rooting to maturation, let us aid your decision as to what will work best for you.

Nature teaches us that the use of chemical-based nutrients and pesticides is not enough to solve existing plant problems. Typically, as more chemicals are added, more problems are created.

Aptus Products: Complete Nutrients System